Understanding behaviors with PI

What drives your people

Your company is full of awesome people.

You can use The Predictive Index to help provide insight into what’s awesome about each person here and how we can make the best out of our strengths, differences, and abilities!

People are different, and that’s a good thing.
We don’t want to just accommodate the differences, we want to love them. We want to make the world a better place.

The Predictive Index is a powerful tool. It measures drives in order to help you predict someone’s needs and behaviors.

Click on the blue boxes below to learn how drives, needs, and behaviors are related.

Here’s an example: Drives are born in us – like the drive to survive, which causes us to feel a need to eat food every day. The need to eat food (being hungry) results in the behavior of going to a café to get a sandwich. The drive creates a need and the need results in observable behavior. 

Others in the café are also there because they’re hungry, some are there because they needed to get out of the house and focus, and some are there to socialize with friends. So, while it all resulted in a similar behavior of going to the café, the drives and needs behind that behavior aren’t the same.

From the example above
The drive is survival
The need is eating food daily
The behavior is going to the café

The PI Hiring Game

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In the next section, you’ll learn understand the factors you’ll see on a Behavioral Report as well as how those factors contribute to a your employees’ behaviors.

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