Intro to PI Diagnose

Improve retention and productivity

Engagement is an individual’s emotional commitment to their organization and its goals. Why is employee engagement important?

  • It is related to turnover
  • It is related to absenteeism
  • It is related to customer satisfaction
  • It is related to safety
  • It is related to productivity

Diagnose is a method for pinpointing the root cause of gaps—your underlying people problems—and making strategic changes or changes to day-to-day execution. Businesses that collect and analyze their people data and then make necessary adjustments proactively will enjoy a more productive and engaged workforce; instead of letting problems build up and fester, addressing them quickly shows employees they care.

The PI Diagnose Solution helps organizations:

  • Measure what matters
  • Analyze the evidence
  • Prescribe improvement actions
Virtual Onboarding | Diagnose
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