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Science: Cognitive Assessment FAQs

Watch the video below to learn best practices for administering the PI Cognitive Assessment.

Virtual Onboarding | PI Cognitive Assessment

What is the PI Cognitive Assessment?

The PI Cognitive Assessment is a powerful tool to help support your selection of talent. It’s important to fully understand the tool in order to ensure compliance with the law and policies at your organization.

The Cognitive Assessment measures general cognitive ability and the ability to adapt, grasp and handle complexity. It does not measure IQ or acquired knowledge, but indicates how fast an individual can be expected to acquire new knowledge. It is meant to be administered primarily to candidates for a role as it is predictive of future job performance.

Want to see what it looks like?
You can find sample questions for the Cognitive Assessment here.

The score is referenced against the general population norm, the average of which is 250. The norm for any given job may vary from the population norm.

When organizations consider candidates for a job, the cognitive score should be used in combination with other relevant data such as personality, experience, education, etc.

The Cognitive Assessment score is not intended as the sole determining factor in the hiring process.

Cognitive ability scores can be very sensitive. Want more info? Visit our Cognitive Assessment FAQs page.

We recommend keeping actual cognitive scores confidential, even among internal stakeholders.

We recommend that authorized administrators communicate results based only on candidates’ fit to the job or ranking compared to other candidates.

For example, disclosing that a person is “a moderate fit to the job” or “better for the position than most candidates we have seen”, rather than disclosing the candidates’ scores.

When your organization is establishing your policy on the PI Cognitive Assessment, it’s important to work with your internal team to create clear cut rules due to the risk involved. For more information, visit pages 4-9 of the Cognitive Assessment Admin Guide.

All PI Champions can bookmark the Cognitive assessment scoring page for quick reference.

Some best practices when it comes to the PI Cognitive Assessment include using the cognitive score in combination with other relevant data like behavioral fit, experience and education, administering the cognitive assessment at the same point for every candidate for any given role and working with your internal team to create a testing policy to minimize risk.

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