Maintaining company culture

Rewarding and recognizing employees

Reinforcing your values will increase employees’ belief in the culture you’ve created. Determine which behaviors should be rewarded and which should be discouraged. For example, the company pushing for improved teamwork could create a rewards system that recognizes individuals who exhibit team collaboration. 

What about addressing a behavior that’s NOT aligned with the culture? What if you have a top performer who’s CRUSHING their goals—but doing so by completely ruining interpersonal relationships and walking all over people? If your organization requires teamwork to be successful in the long term, you can’t allow that kind of behavior and need to address it IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise that person can single-handedly bring down the culture.

Make this recognition visible. The organization should know that members are being rewarded and why those behaviors are important. Company shout-outs or newsletters can promote employees showcasing desired behaviors.

Keep in mind: Not all employees want recognition the same way. Having your employees take a behavioral assessment will provide insight into how they prefer to interact with others

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