How to inspire growth in employees

Coaching employees

Managing your employees and providing feedback is important, but coaching them on how to get there is vital to their success. Schedule a recurring meeting to have open discussion about their personal and professional development. Remember, your responsibility isn’t to directly set a goal for them. Instead, ask clarifying questions and discuss paths they can take.

Coach employees in a way that fits their natural behaviors. By understanding the person and the role they’re in or the role they’d like to be in, you can address any gaps between behavioral drives and behaviors required for success in the role.

While we’re all wired to behave differently, we’re all capable of succeeding in other roles. Self-awareness is the key to success.

This might look like…

  • Someone who has a high level of Dominance (A) may struggle in a role that requires a high amount of collaboration. Help them understand why focusing on teamwork in the role is vital to their success.
  • Someone who has a low level of Extraversion (B) may struggle in a role that involves frequent conversations with others. Help them manage their energy levels and find ways they can recharge to avoid burnout.
  • Someone who has a low level of Patience (C) may not do well in a role where there are repetitive tasks. Help them find ways to inject variety into the role, not necessarily on those tasks, but potentially in other areas where they can be innovative.
  • Someone who has a high level of Formality (D) might struggle when a role has a lot of ambiguity. Help them by providing very clear expectations and aligning on what they should do when they’re not clear on next steps.

Remember, these are just examples. We don’t really know what a person needs in their role until we look at the data and have coaching conversations.

Setting these standards will allow your employees to be aware of how they can stretch and strive in their career. Help them grow by setting a path they can work for and holding them to those goals.

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