How to inspire growth in employees

Giving feedback to employees

Now that your employees have something to work towards, it’s critical they’re able to assess how they’re doing through feedback. Providing feedback is something many struggle with, but there are principles you can follow to make giving feedback easier:

  • Always tie feedback to the business. 
  • Explain how their work is making an impact. 
  • Give specific examples.
  • Be objective.

This way the employee understands exactly what they did right or wrong and how the company is affected by those actions.

The way you deliver feedback can—and should—be tailored to your employees. The data and insights you’ll get from the tools in PI Inspire will help you understand how employees prefer to receive feedback and interact within the workplace.

Even the most well-thought-out piece of feedback can be received poorly if done in a way that goes against how that employee prefers to receive recognition or feedback.

For example, if you’re employee has a low B, your conversation will likely yield better results if you schedule a meeting in advance, with an outline of what you’re hoping to discuss, rather than just stopping by their desk or calling them without warning on Slack or Zoom.

Remember, feedback should be provided in a timely fashion. Talking about something an employee did two weeks ago most likely won’t have the same impact as it would on the day of or after the incident.

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