How to inspire growth in employees

Holding employees accountable

Much like feedback, holding someone accountable to something means there needs to be a clear goal or expectation set. Even CEOs struggle with holding people accountable. So, how do we get better?

Consider yourself. Are you holding yourself accountable? If the answer is no, then you’re not setting the right example for your employees. Demonstrate that it’s okay to be vulnerable and that failures can happen as long as we learn from them.

With Job Targets and a business strategy in place, you can use the data and insights in the software to build awareness of an employee’s strengths and caution areas. Increasing awareness will help align with expectations and completion of goals.

Hover over each arrow to see example coaching tips based on the intensity of a behavioral factor.

These tools make accountability easier since you’ll know how to interact with an employee. But, it’s not just about the manager when it comes to accountability. Build a culture where employees hold the team and themselves accountable.

What if a team is consistently arriving late to meetings? Encourage the team to acknowledge this concern and create solutions to the problem. Periodic retrospectives can help employees take a step back and consider what can be done better. Always challenge your team by asking not only what to improve, but what just isn’t working.

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