Leading through self-awareness

Keep on learning

Like many things in life, it takes time and practice to improve self-awareness. Having the drive to always improve and grow will lead you in the right direction. The fact that you’re participating right now is a great sign! Keep going; great leaders area always looking for ways to improve.

At your next 1:1, ask what you can do to improve as a manager, rather than just considering what the employee can change. Hold yourself accountable for these actions. During your next 1:1 with that person, explain the steps you took to improve based on that feedback. Not only does this help you grow, but it also builds trust with your team. It shows you listen and that you’re open to feedback. This will make it easier for them to understand where you’re coming from when you give them feedback as well.

Review your behavioral assessment to better understand what behavioral tendencies you have and start building your self-awareness.

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