How to empower effective leaders in times of crisis

Maintaining career pathing

Traditionally, career pathing is an opportunity to identify and create new roles as your organization grows. It’s also a way to incentivize employees and reward high performance.

The dynamics change significantly in a crisis scenario. You may have a hiring freeze in place. Without the ability to bring on new employees, you don’t have the same ability to promote vertically and fill in as needed. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t create opportunities for individuals to grow. Like Jason…

A change to your business strategy can eliminate existing functions and create new ones. These roles give employees an opportunity to prove themselves and develop in a new part of the business.

Just because hiring has stopped doesn’t mean the organization won’t need new leaders in new places. If you create opportunities for those high-potential workers to work in a role that speaks to their personality and behavioral traits, you increase the odds they’ll give you higher-quality output.

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