How to build a diverse workforce

Promoting a diverse workforce mindset

This process will look different for every company, but it’s essential to embrace the fact that real change occurs when diversity and inclusion become part and parcel of a business’s mission. It can’t be just another nice-to-have goal. Diversity must be at the company’s core as a driving force if the business truly wants to change the look and behavior of its workforce.

A crucial step to accomplish this is by creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee. This committee should include the participation of the CEO and executive team leadership to help oversee the creation and management of comprehensive DEI initiatives. Even though the presence of C-level and upper management is crucial, they should not have complete veto power.

Another great way to consider inclusion is for a company to reframe their thinking around “culture fit” and focus instead on creating “culture add.” This means that everyone is invited to have a seat at the table—and not just a seat but also an impactful presence. Framing that kind of conversation to emphasize that no one is a detracting force helps build a culture in which everyone in the company will ultimately reap those benefits.

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