How to build a diverse workforce

Expanding recruiting initiatives to improve inclusivity

To become more inclusive, it often helps to cast a wide net when recruiting. Although education requirements are a standard part of any job description, competitive companies are beginning to loosen the baseline requirements around college degrees. To recruiters who are focused on recruiting candidates with college experience: Don’t just focus on elite universities. Make sure to include historically black colleges and universities, hispanic-serving institutions, women’s colleges, and public and community colleges.

To the right are some other tips that help you recruit from a more diverse audience. 

You can also focus on employee referrals to increase diversity. Employees come to organizations with plenty of connections, and companies would be remiss not to take advantage of these ready-made networks to expand their recruiting initiatives. We recommend HR departments and personnel expands their search by incentivizing their team members to recommend qualified talent from their networks. Consider offering a higher incentive specifically for underrepresented candidates.

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