How to build a successful employee onboarding program

Cater onboarding to your employees

Not every employee likes to work or be managed in the same way. Some people like clear rules and careful planning. Other people feel stifled by rules and prefer to wing it. By catering your onboarding process to these preferences, you can keep employees more engaged in the onboarding process.

That doesn’t mean you need to throw out your training program each time you hire a new employee! Instead, if you know an employee’s behavioral data, you can tweak the process to match their needs. Take a look at the activity below and see if you can determine what can best meet the employee’s needs.

If you’re not sure what would help an employee most, ask! They’ll appreciate the effort you take to support them. By following these tips and strategies you’ll be on your way to setting your employees up for success and retaining those right fits for your company.

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