Hiring the right talent

Hiring the whole person

Relying on your gut?

Many managers have an experience like this: You’re hiring for an open position and you find someone that seems perfect. They’re charming during the interview and their resume is spot-on, and so you fast-track them to the open spot. As soon as they start, they’re a nightmare. They show up late, underperform, argue with their coworkers, or worse, they straight-up leave.

Our instincts can tell us important information. But when we rely on nothing but our gut, we open ourselves to headaches. A strong interview doesn’t always mean a strong candidate and resumes are often fluffed. To determine if a candidate is a good fit, you need to look beyond the resume or the interview. Instead, you need to keep in mind the candidate’s Head, Heart, and Briefcase.

It’s not that Head is more important than Heart, or that Heart is more important than Briefcase. Instead, a strong candidate has a mix of all three.

Match Game

Based on what you reviewed in the Head, Heart, Briefcase interactive above, drag the purple cards to their correct category. If you’re correct, the card will disappear. If you’re incorrect, it will turn red. 

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