Virtual Onboarding Sessions & Software Guides

We’re just as excited as you are to get started! Below you’ll find how-to videos and support articles to guide you through the PI software and on your talent optimization journey:

Virtual Onboarding Sessions

  • PI 101 Master the Software Basics [3 minutes] 
  • Design Simplify strategic conversations & gain alignment [34 seconds]
  • Hire Equip your teams to land top talent [5 minutes]
  • Inspire Understand what drives your people [4 minutes]
  • Diagnose Improve retention and productivity through prescribed action [2 minutes]
  • Cognitive Assessment Understand purpose and implementation of the Cognitive Assessment [6 minutes]
  • Factor Overview Learn about the 4 factors, factor combinations and reference profiles [30 minutes]

User Management

Creating PI Software Users

Folder Management

Creating and Deleting Folders

Sending & Interpreting Assessments

Sending a Behavioral Assessment
Creating an Open Invitation Link

Jobs & Job Targets

Create Job - Guided Version

Introducing PI to your organization

Understanding PI Tools & Reports

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