Reference Profiles

Reference Profiles are the best shortcut for understanding the behaviors and needs that drive yourself and your people.

Reference Profile review

Take a look at each of the 17 Reference Profiles and understand an individual’s:

  • Needs
  • Behaviors
  • Signature work styles
  • Strengths
  • Common traps
  • How to work well with each profile

Managing different Reference Profiles

Want to know how to best manage each of the 17 Reference Profiles? This guide covers the how to:

  • Motivate and recognize
  • Provide direction and feedback
  • Delegate
  • Coach

Understanding Reference Profiles

Review how Reference Profiles are determined, the four categories, and how they can be used as a quick way to get insight into workplace behavior.

Understanding Reference Profiles

A deeper look into each Reference Profile

Looking to find out more information on a specific Reference Profile? Check out one of the following video links to hear the Reference Profile explained by a PI Practitioner.

Translated Reference Profile guides

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