How to increase productivity through engagement

Measuring what matters

Having engaged employees sounds wonderful, but where should we start to get there? As with any aspect of talent optimization, real data can analyze and pinpoint where to focus. Engagement data should be collected directly from your employees to understand the four areas of potential misalignment. Take a look at some example questions you could be asking below:

How can I collect people data?

  • employee feedback software
  • employee engagement surveys
  • 1:1 meetings
  • exit Interviews
  • behavioral assessments

I am excited to come to work everyday.

My manager helps bring the best out of people.

I feel respected by the people I work with.

There is honest two way communication in my organization.

Always remember that this step is essential. Without real data, you can’t address the real problems. Get started with a survey tool that will help you quickly gather results and take action. Looking for some inspiration? Click here to access 23 questions to use on your engagement survey. Surveying engagement is not only important when a company is doing well, check out the video below to see how important measuring engagement can be in times of crisis:

Why and how to measure disengagement right now

This course can’t predict the results you’ll find for your company, but we will go over three common examples in the next few lessons.

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