Taking action on employee feedback

Building an action plan

Take some time for the team to reflect on the initial conversation and survey results. When the team meets again, it’s now time to come up with an action plan. What are the potential challenges that had the biggest impact on the team? Select one of the most important to work on. Once again, start small and don’t try to solve everything at once.

As a team, determine how you can take this challenge and turn it into an actionable goal. Think about what success looks like from a high level. For example, your team members may identify that processes and procedures are an obstacle in their day-to-day work lives. Have the team describe not only what is currently blocking them but what they would deem a successful workflow. Keep your team focused on achievable goals throughout the process. You want to break these into small steps so there can be clear signs of improvement and milestones to monitor progress.

Once the meeting is over, you should now have the goals, strategies, and tactics to help achieve desired results. Next, use the 1/3/5 approach to formalize this into an action plan that the team can follow. List out what you will do and when you’ll hold each other accountable. Having a documented plan will allow you to promote visibility to not only your team but others throughout the organization.

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