The DNA of high-performing cultures

Creating and sharing a vision

Whether you’re looking to make a shift in your existing culture or build one for the first time, you need to start with a vision. What is your organization trying to achieve, and how do you want you and your employees to interpret the work to be done? Let’s say you want to be the leading company in a specific industry within the next five years. Great! Now, how do you get there and align your culture to this vision?

First, it’s important that all leaders are aligned on this vision. Get those individuals together and discuss why this goal matters. Take this time to build a narrative to facilitate the conversation leaders have with employees throughout the organization. This ensures those leaders are properly equipped to communicate this vision effectively. Not sure where to start? Check out this template on creating your vision/mission statements.

Next, consider what values are important for the organization. Honesty, competitiveness, and diversity are all examples of principles your organization might find relevant. But what values are core to achieving your vision? These are the principles that you want your employees to follow and will ultimately define the culture you want.

Finally, take a look at your existing culture. Consider the previously mentioned vision of being a leader in your industry. Are you rewarding and promoting innovation and agility? If not, you might need to reconsider your core values. In order to truly share your vision, you need to create procedures that will promote the values that align with it. Only then can all parties be aligned and operate in favor of your goals.

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