How to enact positive change using PI

How can you use PI as your superpower? While these trends may sound daunting, they’re quite exciting for talent optimizers. You have the power to be the hero for many of these struggling companies using PI. Let’s break down how. First, as Jim Collins says, you have to get the right people on the bus….

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Key changes companies should make

Josh Bersin, the founder of an HR research firm, says that “you have to run your company as if every employee has one foot out the door.” And he is right because employees today demand fast, positive change from their employers. Let the data talk:  8 out of 10 employees feel ‘more empowered’ to hold leaders…

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Must-know talent trends today

There are four critical trends today catalyzing and shaping the future of work. The one-sentence summary? It is getting more challenging to attract and retain quality talent, and nearly every company today is asking themselves how to do this better. (Read: there is an enormous opportunity for PI and PI Partners to help). What else…

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Welcome back. We’re glad you’re here. In case you forgot, PI Competitive Edge is a market report from your favorite Product Marketing team. It packs ten weeks of deep market intelligence in a less than 10-minute read—giving you the edge you need to succeed. First time reading? Catch the first edition on employee engagement and…

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Cater onboarding to your employees

Not every employee likes to work or be managed in the same way. Some people like clear rules and careful planning. Other people feel stifled by rules and prefer to wing it. By catering your onboarding process to these preferences, you can keep employees more engaged in the onboarding process. That doesn’t mean you need…

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Make onboarding a team effort

In the last lesson, we mentioned asking future coworkers to greet a new employee. Your team shouldn’t just help with early onboarding, though—they should be involved in the whole process. We’ve created a FAQ for this below.

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Onboarding starts when the offer is signed

Many organizations don’t start onboarding until the employee official walks in the door. But why wait? By starting the onboarding process early, your new hires can begin to absorb your organization’s culture and values before their first day. They’ll hit their first week with more confidence, fewer hiccups, and stronger relationships. Check out our very…

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What is onboarding and why is it important?

When an organization hires a new employee, it’s rare that the employee immediately starts working. Instead, the employee needs to learn some basics first, like what their role is and how it helps the broader organization. The process of teaching an employee these basics is called onboarding. Onboarding is often defined as the first week…

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