Are you hiring without a map?

We hire blind. We start with a job description and then hope the ideal candidate falls into our lap—even though we haven’t been clear about what kind of person is needed for the job. But what if you knew exactly what you needed? What if you could find candidates whose behaviors are appropriate for the job you’re hiring?

Recruitment, team building, and coaching all wrapped into one tool

Community Family Guidance Center (CFGC) is a non-profit children’s mental health agency with about 65 employees. Most of its employees are therapists and case managers and administrators. Joan Smock is their director of human resources. The Predictive Index (PI) did a question and answer with Joan to learn more about how they use PI at the Community Family Guidance Center.

Decoding management communication

Communication is the oil that keeps the engine of your organization running smoothly, and it all starts with management. 

"I never met a good manager who wasn’t also a good communicator.” Today, more than two decades later, I still remember the conversation well.

I was discussing “what makes an effective manager” with one of our company’s HR executives.