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Many teams have bad management, poor communication processes, and lack established roles, responsibilities, and a sense of purpose. Creating a company culture worthy of high-performance teams requires an environment free of judgment with open communication among team members. Employees need to feel encouraged to challenge others, exert their influence, share their ideas, and hold each other accountable.

Developing this kind of company culture, and to cultivate this kind of high employee engagement requires leadership that is deeply invested in the success of the team, the problems they solve and the objectives they accomplish.

Understanding how each employee will go about accomplishing a specific task or project requires a deep insight into the drives, needs and behaviors of that employee. This understanding leads to acceptance and appreciation of behavioral diversity among your team.

There is a peace of mind in knowing you and your teammates are driving toward the same objective regardless of the way each person goes about accomplishing their tasks.

The Predictive Index provides data in the form of behavioral patterns that give team members a rubric for understanding and communicating with each other so they can approach each other objectively and focus on the real business problems instead of why Sally is so talkative.

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