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With PI Perform, “Better Work, Better World” is closer than ever.

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“Better Work, Better World.” Here at The Predictive Index, that’s our mission: a pledge to improve the way we interact and collaborate at work, so we can sign off happier and healthier. When we make the workplace better, we make our lives better. It’s that simple.

We’ve built our brand on 65+ years of behavioral science, but our work is so much larger than our assessments. Over the past decade, we’ve established ourselves as the leader in the talent optimization space, helping 10,000+ clients worldwide hire better candidates, retain them longer, and manage with confidence. In 2023, we made quality-of-life updates to our software and expanded our suite by acquiring Charma, a performance management company.

Then, we took yet another step forward on the path to “Better Work, Better World.” Our latest product, PI Perform, launched back in February, and we’re thrilled with the reception so far.

Our product philosophy

When PI acquired Charma in late 2023, we did so recognizing just how fortunate we were. Not only did the company’s mission align with ours—to improve the way people manage and teams collaborate—but its software fit our product strategy like a glove.

In the years since I became CEO of PI, our team has been focused on developing software, improving our science, and providing deeper behavioral insights for users. In 2019, we expanded our products beyond hiring and management to team development and employee engagement. What once was a pre-hire, pen-and-paper tool became so much more.

Our flagship Behavioral Assessment continues to provide “Aha!” moments in just six minutes or less. But now, it also unlocks a talent optimization platform built for the entire employee lifecycle.

  • Hire – Use behavioral and cognitive data to find best-fit candidates and reduce your time-to-hire.
  • Inspire – Analyze relationship data between two co-workers to manage conflict and improve collaboration.
  • Design – Understand your team’s collective personality so you can play to your strengths and hit your goals.
  • Diagnose – Collect candid, anonymous feedback you can use to identify engagement gaps and build a better culture.

With Perform, we’re adding even more value to our platform and assessments—and making our biggest investment yet in the post-hire experience.

Elevating “Better Work” with Perform

Perform lets you take PI behavioral data and apply it right within your everyday work. Whether you’re a team lead or an executive, in HR or not, Perform enables you and your employees to work better together.

How, exactly? The talented folks at Charma have created a product that enables productivity by reinventing something all organizations have.


Take the case of a team leader. If you have five direct reports, you’re not just managing a team: You’re also managing five one-on-one relationships. And the nexus where those relationships flourish is in a meeting room or Zoom, face to face.

When you have productive meetings, you enable productive relationships and productive output. You create a safe space for discussion, healthy conflict, and personal growth. This isn’t relegated to one-on-ones; all meetings benefit from this approach.

Perform elevates the way you prepare, deliver, and follow up on meetings. Set your agenda, take notes, and assign actions collaboratively with one or more teammates. Pull up a person’s behavioral data, and get insights about them before jumping into the work. Provide timely feedback with our 360 review software, or send a public “kudos” message for all to see.

That’s just the thousand-foot view. For a better idea of the experience, look no further than one organization that’s already benefited tremendously from Perform—and that’s The Predictive Index ourselves.

How we’re leveraging Perform at PI

In 2023, well before we acquired Perform, I told our employees we needed to take a careful look at our meetings. Market conditions were forcing us to be extra judicious with our hiring efforts, our software spending, and especially our time. For us to hit our goals for the year, we needed to revisit our calendars, consolidate existing meetings, and reclaim time as an organization.

Then came a chance meeting with Adam Berke, CEO of Charma, followed by a demo of their product. I believed in the software so much that I brought it back to our board of investors. By December, the folks at Charma—affectionately dubbed “Charmies”—had joined us as PIoneers.

As an organization, we spent months transforming Charma into PI Perform. In doing so, we became power users ourselves. Any time a meeting owner fires up a video call, they have Perform’s Zoom integration enabled as well. I regularly walk through agenda items with my leadership team, jotting down notes and turning them into assignable actions with just a few clicks. 

And now, with PI’s behavioral insights, these meetings have the potential to become even more personalized and productive. Just ask those already using Perform.

“[With Charma,] I had already benefited from standardizing 1:1s across our company and fostering a culture of recognition and constructive feedback,” said Amber Bryant, HR Director at Keyrenter Denver. 

“Now, we’re also leveraging The Predictive Index’s well-established behavioral science to provide actionable self-awareness and communication approaches. Our team is thriving with this combination of theory and practice.”

Perform is already in the hands of hundreds of clients, and it’s proving a game-changer. I’m confident it’ll be a game-changer for you, too.

What’s next for PI in 2024

Perform is available now, but 2024 has just begun, and we have a lot more to share.

We’re hard at work making your Hire and Inspire experiences smoother and more intuitive. Our Diagnose product is receiving pulse surveys that you can send out for quicker, more personalized feedback. We’re rebuilding our integrations suite from the ground up. And Perform will continue to get better and more powerful.

Interested in seeing PI Perform for yourself? Grab time with my team, and we’ll give you a personalized demo.

On behalf of everyone at The Predictive Index, thank you for being a part of the talent optimization community, and here’s to “Better Work, Better World.”


Mike is the CEO at PI. A former Olympic sailing coach, Mike loves being on the water.

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