The Predictive Index® Announces the World’s First Talent Optimization Platform

The new PI Design and PI Diagnose solutions join PI’s existing hiring and management solutions to fully align PI to the talent optimization discipline


BOSTON, November 20, 2019 – OPTIMA 2019 – The Predictive Index (PI) today announced the launch of its Talent Optimization Edition, the world’s first talent optimization platform, with the addition of two new product lines—PI Design and PI Diagnose. The new products join PI’s existing hiring (PI Hire) and management (PI Inspire) solutions to help senior leadership teams gain agreement on their business strategies, pinpoint potential blind spots and risk areas for execution of those strategies, and uncover employee engagement issues. Together, the software solutions and expert services empower companies to boost productivity and achieve maximum business results. 

“Defining business strategy is hard, and when you’re working with competing opinions and priorities across a leadership team, it’s even harder,” said Dr. Matt Poepsel, SVP of Product at The Predictive Index. “To deliver bottom-line business results, you not only need a clear business strategy, but you also need to mobilize your entire workforce around that strategy.” 

Dr. Poepsel continued, “That’s extremely difficult to do if you don’t have access to data that tells you objectively how your employees think and work, as well as what motivates them to be engaged and perform at their best. Now, with the additions of PI Design and PI Diagnose to complement our Hire and Inspire solutions, we have a complete talent optimization platform.”   

The Predictive Index makes this announcement from OPTIMA, the inaugural talent optimization conference, taking place from November 20–22, 2019 at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, MA.


PI Design: A new way to seamlessly align talent strategy to business strategy 

Four of the five biggest challenges CEOs face today are related to talent strategy, according to the Annual CEO Benchmarking Report.

PI Design is a new product set that empowers leadership teams to gain clarity and agreement on business strategy—and to determine whether they have the right teams in place to execute that strategy. Whether an organization is looking to commercialize new ideas, expand into a new vertical, or stabilize an existing offering, the PI Strategy Assessment™ helps senior leaders align on business objectives and identify gaps between their team’s competencies and the strategy. The new “Execute Strategy with Confidence” workshop ensures leaders align on a 12-18 month business strategy, which will inform their talent strategy creation. 

“You want everybody working in sync, headed in the same direction,” said Jim McDonough, President and CEO of Envision Bank. “To do that, you need to optimize your talent, and the best way to do it is to align with PI and be certain that you’ve got the right people doing the right functions. It’s quite frankly helped us turn things around here pretty dramatically.”


PI Diagnose: An actionable engagement solution to boost employee experience 

Disengaged employees cost companies across the U.S. $500 billion per year in lost productivity, according to Gallup.

PI Diagnose is an employee engagement solution that identifies the root causes of engagement issues and prescribes clear action paths so organizations can not only measure engagement, but also quickly address it. Through a combination of software, science, and expert services, Diagnose makes engagement metrics actionable, and includes the PI Employee Experience Survey™, Employee Experience Coaching, and the “Take Action on Engagement” workshop. Unlike its competitors, the PI Employee Experience Survey measures company-wide engagement plus engagement on teams.

“What the [PI Employee Experience] Survey does that DISC and Gallup and other surveys don’t, is it doesn’t require you to figure out the results,” said Kasey Konkright, VP of Talent at FAM Brands, an apparel manufacturer that owns brands like Eddie Bauer, Woolrich, Orvis, and others. “It brings the data and analysis to the team, and the fact that it integrates with our hiring tool is a game changer. End-to-end solutions like PI’s don’t really exist out there in the market.”

General availability of PI’s Design and Diagnose solutions will be released this January 2020. For more information, join the waitlist or watch the product tour on PI’s Talent Optimization Edition at https://www.predictiveindex.com/talent-optimization-edition-launch.


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