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PI Perform is now generally available for all Predictive Index clients.

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When The Predictive Index acquired Charma, the goal was to add best-in-class performance management functionality to the PI platform so that customers could have a unified pre- and post-hire talent optimization solution.

Today we’re excited to announce that Charma has been fully integrated into the PI platform and is now generally available as a new product named PI Perform.

Following the acquisition, we had two major product objectives that we wanted to achieve before introducing Perform to the world:

  1. Integrate Charma with PI’s existing products to provide a cohesive experience for PI customers.
  2. Incorporate PI Behavioral Assessment data to provide a one-of-a-kind performance management solution.

As soon as we closed the deal, our teams got right to work and achieved these two objectives in just a few months. Let’s take a quick look at each of these product areas.

Goal #1: Provide a cohesive product experience for PI customers.

The first order of business was to incorporate the existing Charma functionality into the PI platform. We wanted to make sure PI customers had a smooth experience using the product, and one that fit into their existing workflows. This included cosmetic updates such as branding and design elements, as well as back-end work to support a unified login experience. 

With this work complete, PI clients who activate Perform can now access it from a tab within their existing PI experience using their existing account credentials.

Goal #2: Incorporate proprietary PI behavioral assessment data.

One of the primary motivations for the Charma acquisition was to build a truly differentiated performance management solution by incorporating PI’s behavioral science into the Perform product. We have a long list of features that will make performance management more personalized and effective, and we’re thrilled to have a few of them implemented at launch.

For starters, you can now access any person’s Reference Profile from within the 1:1 workspace you share with them. Use this feature to accelerate your understanding of your colleagues and direct reports.

As a next step, we’re going to include the Relationship Guide within 1:1 workspaces to give both participants personalized guidance for how to best work with one another.

What’s next for PI Perform

Throughout the integration process, we’ve solicited feedback from our customers and partners to ensure we’re on the right track. This feedback has reaffirmed what we already believe internally: that the work we’re doing is resulting in a totally unique offering in the market. 

“[With Charma,] I had already benefited from standardizing 1:1s across our company and fostering a culture of recognition and constructive feedback,” said Amber Bryant, HR Director at Keyrenter Denver. 

“Now, we’re also leveraging The Predictive Index’s well-established behavioral science to provide actionable self-awareness and communication approaches,” she continued. “Our team is thriving with this combination of theory and practice.”

Of course, this launch is in many ways just the beginning, and we have an exciting product roadmap ahead. We look forward to the continued integration of PI’s behavioral science into a range of workflows, including 1:1 templates, feedback, and goal setting.

See Perform for yourself.

If you’re looking to uplevel your approach to performance management and want a system guided by behavioral data, you can request a no-strings-attached demo here.

We are excited to share the progress we’ve made so far, and look forward to the innovations still to come.


Adam Berke is the co-founder and former CEO of Charma. He currently serves as The Predictive Index's Chief Strategy Officer, as well as General Manager of PI Perform.

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