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Seven ways to motivate apathetic employees

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To enhance the enthusiasm of your company’s workers, follow these simple tips

Sitting at your desk while staring at this month’s financial statements, you know better results could have been achieved. Unfortunately, your efforts to motivate the apathetic employees at your company are failing dismally. While they dutifully show up at work each day, your people lack passion. If you can relate to this scenario, you might reason some of the workers at your company become most excited when birthday cake is served in the break room. To enhance the enthusiasm of your company’s workers, consider adhering to the following simple tips.   


Effectively Define Mission, Goals, and Objectives

After enrolling in college, students must endure numerous, tedious courses. To motivate themselves for this task, they can think about their ultimate goals- a college degree and a dream job. Like college students, employees need something to work toward. Effectively defining your organization’s mission, goals, and objectives to them is crucial. Show employees the big picture while explaining how their job responsibilities fit into it.   

Lead by Example

If you appear to lack passion for the company, you’ll probably fail in your efforts to motivate employees. Lead by example. Show employees how excited you are about meeting, and surpassing, goals and objectives. As you enter the office each day, radiate positive energy. Your upbeat behavior will likely be infectious.

Offer Incentives

Sometimes, offering incentives can excite even the most sedate employee. Some great options include:

  • Movie tickets
  • A paid day away from work
  • Gift cards
  • A free dinner

Non-monetary incentives might include badges and points. Employees often enjoy gamifying tasks at work.


Foster a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Fostering a healthy work-life balance can yield happier and more productive employees. You can accomplish this important task by providing workers with vacation time and encouraging them to use it. If possible, consider offering telecommuting opportunities.    

Keep Your Door Open

The thought of initiating a conversation with a standoffish top manager can be terrifying to some employees. Therefore, you should let workers know your door is always open. Encourage employees to visit your office whenever they want to offer innovative ideas or suggestions. If you give the green light to their ideas, the employees will likely be motivated to turn them into actionable results.  

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Let Employees Lead

Search for ingenious ways to let employees lead. Perhaps employees meet with top management monthly. Consider selecting a different worker each month to lead the subjects communicated at the meeting. Sometimes, small opportunities to lead can springboard apathetic employees to the next level.

Practice Transparency

When possible, keep employees informed of actions taking place at the higher levels of the company. Feeling surprised by top management’s decisions at every turn can sap employee morale. When employees feel they’re included in tough decisions, their pride and loyalty for the organizations they work for often increases.   A motivated workforce is a powerful asset. Transforming apathetic employees into motivated workers can change both the culture and the financial trajectory of a company. To boost employee morale at your organization, consider implementing the aforementioned tips.


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