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Let’s get smart about hiring

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For too long hiring managers have relied on gut feel to assess candidates for a job. They’ve relied on what they believe to be tried and true methods for predicting a candidate’s success only to be met with mixed results. A resume is great but it only tells part of the story. Relying on factors such as school GPA and reference checks may feel like they’ll predict success, but reality has shown they only make up a small portion of a candidate’s performance when they’re actually on the job. According to a recent study, the combine use of behavioral and cognitive assessments with a structured interview provide nearly 60% predictor of performance. So why aren’t we doing more to understand the whole person before they come in?

Over the last 60+ years, The Predictive Index (PI) has been a useful tool that has served as the secret weapon for leaders around the globe. But it’s time we let more people in on the secret and make it even easier to unleash the insights gained when you understand your people. That’s why today, PI is excited to announce the Crescendo release of its software. Designed for simplicity, the latest release of our software will walk managers through the hiring process, providing guidance to integrate behavioral and cognitive assessments throughout the process and driving their understanding which candidates most closely match job requirements. In short, it’s time to remove the guesswork from hiring.

Key features of the Crescendo release include:

Integrated cognitive assessments – the PI Cognitive Assessment, a 12-minute timed assessment, is now available directly inside the same software and integrated throughout the hiring process.

Profile match & ranking – an automated analysis of how a candidate’s behavioral drives and
cognitive ability match with client-defined job targets enables easy sorting through a candidate pipeline to find the best fits for a given role.

Pipeline health measurement – an easy-to-understand view of the types and fit of candidates
applying to positions to help clients understand whether they’ve set the right job requirements and description.

Task-based navigation – an updated user experience to guide managers through the ideal
hiring path.

Reference profiles – 17 referenceable behavioral profiles to distill down the valuable information found within thousands of pattern combinations.

Rich is a software engineer at PI. Always a tinkerer, he's always been oddly technical (well, ever since he went to Space Camp).

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