Better work starts with you.

For managers, self-awareness makes all the difference.

99% of workers agree that great managers are self-aware.

If you’ve ever had a great—or, conversely, a terrible—manager, you know your relationship with your manager can make or break your work experience.

The good news there are tools you can use that can give you the power to change those dynamics. Tools that foster the kind of self-awareness that leads to productive relationships that motivate employees to perform to their full potential.

Learn more about the management style that works best for you and those who may report to you with some of the resources below.

Understand what different kinds of people need at work.

Most of us were taught the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. 

But the Golden Rule falls short at work. Why? Because we all need different things to be successful.

Have you ever noticed how some of your employees thrive on public recognition while others avoid the spotlight? Or how some of your team needs explicit instruction while others are happy to make things up as they go? 

This is because of how each team member is wired to work, which introduces us to a new management philosophy: Manage others the way they want to be managed.

But how do you do that?

As a manager, PI’s Management Strategy Guide can help you build stronger relationships with direct reports based on their motivating needs.

Not a manager? You can also use the Management Strategy Guide to have an informed conversation with your manager to help them become more aware of what you need to perform at your best.

Ready to learn more about how the Management Strategy Guide can work for you? Check out this short video. 

Management Strategy Guide