Better work starts with you.

Why almost half of new hires fail

Nothing causes disengagement like discovering you’re not a fit for the role you’re in. It’s demotivating. After all, who enjoys pursuing a role they’re not quite a match for?

The research shows that nearly half (46%) of newly-hired employees fail within 18 months—and only 19% achieve what can be considered unequivocal success. 

The reason? Poor job fit. 

We’re all wired differently—and that’s OK! A diversity of perspectives and behaviors is what makes businesses great. However, it also underscores the necessity of understanding how people are wired to work and whether that’s a fit for the role you’re trying to fill. The Predictive Index® helps organizations ensure they put the right people in the right seats. We do this by leveraging data from Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments to map people back to the requirements set for a given role. Check out some of the tools available to you in PI Hire.

Find the best fit for a role.

Each PI candidate you assess receives a Job Fit rating that tells you at a glance how well they match the role. By unlocking the candidate, you can dig deeper and find out why: Which traits does the candidate excel at? Where do they need work?

Great interviews start with great prep.

We’ve all had bad interview experiences. Maybe the interviewer was unprepared. Even worse, maybe you went through multiple rounds—and they asked you the same questions every time. Or maybe you were the interviewer, but you were never given time to prepare. As a result, you left feeling like you’d barely scratched the candidate’s surface.

No more rushed interviews. No more rehashed questions. Our machine learning-powered Interview Builder uses your candidate’s behavioral data to automatically surface questions that help you pinpoint exactly where your candidate is strongest—and where they might fall short.

Just use one of your candidate unlocks and click on the candidate. Alongside the candidate’s behavioral data, you’ll find six interview questions to help you perfect your interview process.