Design upgrade support guide

New features in PI2

Build winning teams with an all-new interface

In the legacy experience, Design equipped team leaders with the behavioral data to understand their people in a brand new light.

With PI2, we wanted to take those same powerful insights and deliver them in a more accessible, intuitive way. The result is a new interface that prioritizes simplicity and ease of use. Once you create a team from the Design home page, you’ll be prompted to take action in four steps:

  1. Team Members: Edit your new team to add peers or external parties. 
  2. Team Type: Reveal your Team Type, and discover your collective behavioral identity.
  3. Action Planner: Add actions for your team to improve cohesion and productivity.
  4. Strategy + Objectives: Set current team objectives and reveal your Strategy Type.

We hope the new experience empowers you to build winning teams easier and faster.

Track progress with your Team Activity Score

Want to make sure you’re making continued improvements to your team? PI2 introduces a Team Activity Score, which increases the more you interact with elements of the software. Get constant feedback on your team-building progress, so you can get the most out of your Design experience.

Improved functionality

Invite team members with a few clicks

We’ve streamlined the team invitation process. Once you add team members to a team, those people will automatically be sent the Behavioral Assessment. 

Team Discovery can be a transformative process, so it’s important to have your full team represented. We hope these changes make for a smoother team-building experience.

We’ve simplified the sharing process

In the legacy experience, our Team Summary feature allowed you to copy a read-only link to your Team Discovery results. This feature made it so you could share team insights with anyone in your organization.

For PI2, we’ve made sharing even easier. Click the share button to the right of your team name, enter the email address(es) you’d like to share insights with, choose a permission level (either “View” or “Edit”), and then confirm. Recipients will automatically be invited to view/edit the team.

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