Everything you need to know about an Individualist

Individualists at work

Is your Reference Profile an Individualist—or do you work with someone who is?

This course will cover everything you need to know about who an Individualist is, how they work on a team, and how they lead.

Start by checking out this intro video to understand Individualists at a high level.

Introducing the Individualist

  • Self-confident
  • Analytical
  • Drives change
  • Methodical
Working styles
  • Values flexibility
  • Craves opportunities for creative solutions
  • Enjoys a mix of individual and team work
Caution areas
  • Can be unorthodox in their approach
  • May appear stubborn or opinionated
  • Doesn’t like too much structure or direction
  • Difficulty with authority

“The ‘catch phrase’ of an Individualist is a highly independent generalist, and for me, that just about sums it up perfectly. I’d prefer to do my bit by myself and then bring it back to the team. I can bring new ideas to the table I’ve thought through, whether on the Innovative side or the Process side.  Also, owls are awesome.”

— Lisa Black

Understanding the Factors

Although this course won’t require that you understand the science behind what makes these profiles accurate, you should be familiar with the four factors that drive workplace behavior. Use the interactive below to get a definition of each factor and how variations in the factors will affect someone’s personality.

Common pattern of an Individualist

Understanding the factors will allow you to better understand the common drives we see in Individualists. The image to the right is the most common pattern for Individualists, but don’t be surprised if your pattern varies a little bit. That’s OK! Remember, every person is unique.

Now that we have a better understanding about who an Individualist is, the next section will cover where one fits within a team.

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