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The engagement and performance 2x2

In late 2018, PI CEO Mike Zani introduced a 2 x 2 matrix to help leaders measure the efforts of their employees based on two key components:



Within this 2 x 2 framework, there are four types of employees:

Cultural champions

These are your high-performing, highly-engaged employees. These are the people you wish you had more of.


Grinders are your high performers who are not engaged. They could easily become cultural champions if engagement issues were diagnosed and addressed.

Silent killers

These are your employees who are highly engaged but perform poorly. Think Jim from “The Office”: People love them, they love your company, but they’re just not driving results.


Contaminators are your employees with low performance and low engagement. Your time and attention is best spent prioritizing the other three types of employees.

How you address disengagement depends on where your employees fall on this matrix. Download this PDF for simple tips to best address different states of engagement.