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How to spot high-potential employees

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By Jillian Phipps

Sometimes what you need is right under your own roof

Every manager wants to believe they made a good hire. Although they may be able to perform the tasks of the job, there are some employees who not only go the extra mile, but immediately stand out because they are born leaders; These employees get the job done. How can you determine which employees have the potential to do great things? Here are a few indicators.


They are strategic

These employees think beyond the norm and tend to use a strategic approach when problem solving. This innate ability can help the company in a number of ways.

They are motivators

An employee who has a knack for inspiring and motivating others is someone you want on your team. Great managers have this ability and can get their employees going, even when things are down.

They are collaborators

Teamwork makes the dream work. These types of employees are collaborative and believe in the notion that everyone can work together to achieve something great.

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They are role models

No matter what position they are in, everyone seems to migrate to them. They are standout leaders and others emulate their behavior in a positive way.

They have expertise

These employees understand the business and how it works. When they do not know something, they seek out the answer to make sure they stay on top of what is going on. These are the leaders of an organization, even if they do not know it yet.

They are proponents of change

Employees who embrace change to positively impact the organization is a high potential employee that deserves to be on the team. They have the attitude that will get others on board to move the company forward.

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They are communicators

These employees have the ability to speak to a variety of people on all levels with clarity and understanding. They speak well and listen well too.

They are innovators

When you have an employee that is on the pulse of the industry and not afraid to take risks, they are bound for success.

Many managers make the mistake of not noticing these traits and tend to overlook those employees that could take your organization to the next level. The key is in knowing how to spot them and nurturing them enough so they can spread their wings. These are the types of employees that deserve to be promoted from within, as they will already know the business and can offer trustworthy advice in moving the company forward.

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