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How to find top talent using The Predictive Index

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Companies using the PI Job Assessment craft job posts that speak to drives, needs, and behaviors unique to the position

As a consultant and Predictive Index Certified Analyst, I help client companies understand that people aren’t their best asset; the right people are their best asset. I work together with these companies to make sure that the right people enter their hiring funnel, not just anyone. 

Evaluations should be approached the same way as they are with in-person interviews.

A 2015 Pew Research Center study revealed that a majority of Americans (54% of all adults; 90% of recent job seekers) have gone online to look for information about a job, and nearly as many (45% of all adults; 84% of recent job seekers) have applied for a job online. Roughly eight-in-ten Americans ages 18 to 29 have researched (83%), as well as applied for a job (79%) online. However, a substantial majority of those ages 30 to 49 (and a sizable minority of those ages 50 to 64) have engaged in these behaviors, as well. And with the advent of the smart phone that number is likely to increase.

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So like it or not, you have to do what everyone else is doing — post your positions on the open job boards. Once you post that job, you are competing with thousands of other posts in search of that “perfect candidate.” You must craft a posting that will separate you from the 1000’s of other postings and somehow “resonate” with that ideal candidate. It’s a huge, but achievable, challenge.

The typical scenario? A position opens up and the hiring manager is charged with writing the posting, maybe even posting it. They know the job so they prepare a list of duties and responsibilities required. But they rarely succeed at creating a post that engages the candidate. Consequently, they never get that important first connection. They may generate a lot of response but few, if any, “fits”.

Companies using The Predictive Index Job Assessment tool craft job posts that speak to drives, needs, and behaviors – the “wiring” – unique to the position. The enhanced posting engages the candidate emotionally connecting with them on a natural plane.

When the prospect that has the same or similar drives and needs – how they are “wired” – as the position, there is a natural connection or “fit”. They say “that’s me” or “that job would be perfect for me” regardless of the duties and responsibilities. Just as importantly they may say “That’s not me” and they move on.

Companies using the PI Job Assessment to help them craft their posting and job descriptions find:

  • They fill their hiring funnel with candidates based on natural fit for the position
  • Avoid candidates who don’t fit
  • Time to hire is reduced because they are reviewing fewer, but more engaged candidates that fit from the start
  • Interview more effectively
  • Hire people who can do the job right

Using The Predictive Index and the Job Assessment tool, employers now have a way to make sure they are not just hiring people, but are hiring the right people.


Thad is a senior marketing director at PI.

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