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What are your employees grateful for?

If you’re anything like the people I talk to on a regular basis, your work life is busy. It seems like every company could use an extra hand—or two or five.

Here at PI, we just wrapped up our annual conference (OPTIMA) and announced some exciting new features added to our platform. 

When days are so busy, it can be difficult to find time to slow down and reflect. More than that, it can be hard to focus on the things we’re grateful for at work—rather than our growing to-do list.

But study after study has shown the positive impact of gratitude—not just in our personal lives, but also at work. 

We decided to take a moment to reflect here at PI about what we’re grateful for. Here’s what our employees had to say:

Sarah Mulvey
Science operations manager

I’m grateful to have absolutely outstanding coworkers. It’s so inspiring to work with individuals who are smart, driven, and passionate about their jobs. It’s fun and exciting to work with people who are thoughtful but also willing to take risks and have a strong “get things done” attitude. Best of all, I know I can count on them to do their very best—no matter what.
Maribel Olvera

Maribel Olvera
SVP, client operations

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with people who take the time to understand each other’s needs and who flex their behavioral muscles to ensure common success. I’m grateful for having a safe environment where I can be my true self.
Priyanka UpadhyayPriyanka Upadhyay
Customer success manager
I’m grateful for the extraordinary people I’m surrounded by at PI. I have a team that’s always encouraging and supportive—and they constantly have my best interest and success in mind. I walk into work every day knowing that no matter what happens, my PI family will help me push through.
Corey RastetterCorey Rastetter
DevOps engineer
There are a number of things I’m grateful for here at PI, but what stands out to me most is the people. Bottom line: There are no duds here! Every person I’ve engaged with on any team is enthusiastic, super smart, super funny, warm, and humble. I’m grateful for a workplace that offers such a high level of energy and psychological safety; makes me want to be in the office every day!
Andrea BlasdaleAndrea Blasdale
Partner recruitment operations specialist
PI has given me the true sense of purpose I always longed for in my career. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to do the work I do with the people I get to do it with.

Thad Peterson
Sr. Director, marketing

I’m grateful to work on a team where people have each other’s backs. Feeling like you have to watch out for yourself at all times is a terrible way to go through life (and work). Feeling like you’re working with people who are there to catch you if you slip is—by contrast—amazingly reassuring; it gives you confidence in what you’re doing. That’s the kind of team I get to work on every day.

Nancy Dabu
Sales engineer

I’m so grateful PI offers unlimited PTO and encourages us to use it. After a long no-real-vacation stretch, I took a one-week staycation earlier this year and am taking my daughter to Hawaii for a week this month—and I don’t have to worry that I’ll run out of sick days!
Lisa BlackLisa Black
Senior research consultant
I’m thankful for my team. When we talk about leaders at every level, everyone on my team is a great leader in their own right. We’re supportive of each other, we have fun together, and being around each other helps us grow and push ourselves to be better.
David MaliziaDavid Malizia
Partner success manager
I’ve worked for several different companies—and I can honestly say the way everyone has welcomed me into PI with open arms and a willingness to help me in any way they can has been humbling and mind-blowing. I’m deeply grateful for the family I’ve become a part of and the better life I’m building outside of work due to it.
Darren CarlsonDarren Carlson
Lead technical writer
I’m grateful for the vision of The Predictive Index and for the people with whom I work. The vision—”Better Work, Better World”—is plainly clear. When someone’s workplace, job, or career improves, so does their life. It makes the world better.
Trish Davis-Gray

Trish Davis-Gray
Learning experience designer

I’m thankful for an outstanding leadership team; colleagues who understand that it’s not just about what we do that matters, but how we go about getting it done; the ability to show up as my authentic self; the ability to work remotely when needed in order to be my happiest and most productive; the opportunity to work on projects I feel I can add value to, learn something new from, or work on to improve a skill gap—even if the project has nothing to do with my job role; an environment where I’m encouraged to speak up if I have questions, concerns, ideas, or opinions; and celebrating successes while also having the freedom to fail, learn, and move forward.

Jackie Dube
SVP, talent optimization

I’m thankful to be working for an organization that puts people first. It makes my job easier and allows us to focus on the business because people are engaged! I’m also thankful to work with such a great group of diverse thinkers. I’m amazed by our employees and inspired by them every day!
John McGuinness

John McGuinness

As I think about PI, I’m most grateful for the amazing and focused team I work with—and how we’re truly trying to solve a problem worth solving. As we often say: Better Work, Better World.
Richie FarahRichie Farah
Staff accountant
PI strives to do a great job with career development and helping employees achieve their short- and long-term goals. I feel very passionate about PI, the product, and where we’re headed as a company—and I know my colleagues feel the same. Also, the environment and spirit within PI makes you motivated and excited to come to work every day.
Holly KimHolly Kim
Marketing coordinator
I’m thankful for psychological safety—both at PI and on the marketing team. I’ve been able to grow so much here because I’m encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to make mistakes. I’m also thankful for hardworking teammates that trust each other. On any project, I’m confident that everyone will do their part well and not hesitate to voice conflicting opinions to deliver the best outcome.
Susan ThibeaultSusan Thibeault
Inventory fulfillment
I’m grateful for my coworkers for always being supportive. Whether we’re winning or losing, we’re in it together.
Shirley ZhaoShirley Zhao
Paid demand gen manager
I’m grateful for the caliber of people I get to work with every day. Not only am I surrounded by the most driven and intelligent people, but I’m surrounded by the kindest and most inclusive people too. Excellence begets excellence—and working with these amazing PIoneers every day only motivates me to work harder.
Oreidy NunezOreidy Nunez
Partner recruiting
I’m really thankful for our unlimited PTO here at The Predictive Index. Couple that with the ability to work remote, and you never need to feel bad when you’re not feeling well or when something comes up.

Your turn

What are you thankful for? Share it in the comments!


Shannon is a product manager at PI. She has a mirror-image twin sister—but they didn't discover this until they were 26.

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