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Client success story: Using PI to understand position requirements

Capstone Fire & Safety Management’s HR manager shares the company’s success after implementing PI

Ronald Williams is the HR manager at Capstone Fire & Safety Management in Escondido, CA. Capstone provides best-in-class confined space rescue and industrial firefighting worldwide, focusing on providing on-site firefighting, life safety, and technical rescue services for public and private entities. Although new to the world of The Predictive Index (PI), Capstone began implementing PI’s Behavioral Assessment to assist in its hiring and selection process.



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“In our industry, we are always looking for qualified candidates with the right skill set. On top of that, the right attitude and demeanor is key, not only for the position, but for our reputation in the community and in this rapidly expanding market.”

“We are new to using PI, but immediately were able to create profiles that allowed us to hire a wave of individuals based on the common behavioral drives and needs of our highest performing workers.”

“I’ve used other assessment providers —StrengthsFinder , Myers-Briggs , DiSC  — but PI is the first assessment provider where I feel it is quantifiable information that we can immediately use. Not only that, it prompted strong discussions from our higher management.”



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“Sometimes, when you’re an HR professional, getting the executive leaders to really have sincere discussions about what our culture is is difficult. We needed to ask ourselves, how do we define our culture? What do we need in these specific positions we are hiring for? The analysis from PI allowed us to have crucial conversations that helped us define and create profiles for the types of positions, profiles that everyone could agree on and be supportive of.”

“I think that all in all PI has been a good experience for us. We are looking forward to the workshops and training PI offers and getting to learn and understand it to where it becomes second nature. We plan on using it for all of our hiring needs. We’re even looking at it for evaluating performance because of the amount of internal promotions we do within our company.”

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