Self-Guided Onboarding: Roadmap to Talent Optimization

We’re thrilled you’ve taken the steps to start your talent optimization journey. Below you’ll find a PI Mastery Action Plan built specifically to empower you get started, learn, and implement The Predictive Index at your organization.

While this is a self-guided roadmap to talent optimization, our most successful clients typically complete the following action plan in 45-days.

Let’s Begin

  • Log into the PI software.
  • Ensure that your PI implementation team has access to the PI software. Here’s a Guide to User Management to help you:
    • Create new users
    • Enable third party user access
    • Understand user roles/access levels
  • Establish your folder structure. Here’s a Folder Management Overview.
  • Watch PI’s Virtual Onboarding Guides + Webinars on demand, found here.  
  • Browse our online library of resources, PI Learn.

Let’s Learn

Let’s Prepare

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