Onboarding Timeline, Checklist, and Helpful Links

Your Onboarding Manager will guide you through and be a resource during your onboarding journey. Use this checklist to stay on track.

Let’s Begin

  • Log into the PI software.
  • Ensure that your PI implementation team has access to the PI software. Here’s a Guide to User Management to help you: 
    • Create new users
    • Enable third party user access
    • Understand user roles/access levels
  • Establish your folder structure. Here’s a Folder Management Overview
  • Sign up for your 2-Day workshop. Click here to find one near you or reach out to your PI contact.
  • Watch PI’s Virtual Onboarding Sessions 1 & 2 on demand, found here.  
  • Browse our online library of resources, PI Learn.

Let’s Learn

Mid-Point Check-In

  • Review goals, roadmap to talent optimization (pictured above)
  • Explore the software and learn about other tools/features available to you

Let’s Prepare

Let’s Go! 

  • Schedule your Strategy Call with your Customer Success Manager.
  • Continue working with your Customer Success Manager to implement PI at your organization and accomplish your goals and objectives.

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