Understanding Leadership Behaviors

Every leader has their own natural strengths. As a leader with a unique behavioral profile, you likely have strengths that play to your business objectives—as well as caution areas that can hinder your goals. You can visualize those strengths and gaps by way of a PI framework known as “Work Styles.” The Work Styles framework…

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Understanding Contrasting Leadership Styles

As you’ve seen before, every leader has their own natural strengths.  However, you don’t work in a vacuum. Other members of your team have their own strengths and caution areas that affect business outcomes. Relationship dynamics are pivotal to team effectiveness. Let’s explore working with people whose strengths are opposite to yours. You + those…

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Understanding Team Types

The PI Behavioral Assessment provides a deep look into an individual’s workplace behavior, including their natural drives and needs. Consider that the majority of work is done as a team, however, and it’s important to understand how individual work styles manifest as a collective team identity. The larger the group, the more complex that identity…

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