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What a difference 5 years makes

My phone finally died after many years of faithful service. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, getting my new device set up was a breeze. In fact, the process even provided its own leadership lesson.

As my photos were lovingly restored from my last backup, I decided to have a peek. I swiped through an endless stream of pics I had captured over the years. Frame by frame, I saw younger versions of my kids, my pets, and myself.

What a difference five years makes.

This led me to think about the trajectory of our professional development. We’re often so caught up in today’s pressing demands that we lose a bit of perspective. My “memory lane” experience was fresh in my mind during a recent mentorship conversation.

I asked my mentee a question that had never occurred to me before:

What if the you from 5 years ago were leading your team today? What would be different?

We both enjoyed the thought exercise so much that I decided to craft a fillable worksheet that captures its essence.

Download it now to reflect on just how far you’ve come on your leadership journey, and how much better off your organization and those around you are as a result. Keep the momentum going by thinking about where you’d still like to evolve and improve. How can you bring some of that energy into your day-to-day?

What a difference five years makes… IF we pause long enough to reflect on our progress and benefit from our past and future hard work.

Download the worksheet “What a Difference 5 Years Makes” and share it with other leaders you know and love.


Matt Poepsel, PhD is the author of Expand the Circle: Enlightened Leadership for Our New World of Work and host of the Lead the People podcast. He serves as Vice President & Godfather of Talent Optimization at The Predictive Index. He holds a PhD in Psychology, an MBA, and a Harvard Business School Certificate of Management Excellence. Matt has more than 25 years of leadership experience as a software executive and consultant. He’s also a US Marine, an Ironman triathlon finisher, and a student of Buddhist philosophy.

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