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How’s your Leadership Fit?

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When I was in high school, there was a lot of peer pressure related to clothing choices. You didn’t want to seem uncool. If you weren’t wearing parachute pants, a leather bomber jacket, and a skinny piano keys tie, how could anybody take you seriously?

Twenty-five-plus years later, what once constituted pop fashion is now absurd.

Leadership styles have also evolved over time. Today, there are dozens of leadership approaches to choose from. Sometimes, we fall into the habit of overusing a particular style because it’s comfortable, or it was effective in other, unrelated situations.

To paraphrase our most recent generation, it’s time for a fit check.

This worksheet lists a variety of leadership styles, with a brief description of each. Think about your go-to styles, and score yourself on how often you sport each option. Take a look at the overall results, and see if any patterns present themselves. Just like matching your fit to the occasion, consider which situations cause you to adopt a given style? 

Even better: Compare your results with those of peers or team members. Spark a discussion about what you enjoy or dislike about each style. Are there any you’d collectively like to learn more about, or help one another adopt?

Download your copy of ‘How’s your Leadership Fit?’ now. 


Matt Poepsel, PhD is the author of Expand the Circle: Enlightened Leadership for Our New World of Work and host of the Lead the People podcast. He serves as Vice President & Godfather of Talent Optimization at The Predictive Index. He holds a PhD in Psychology, an MBA, and a Harvard Business School Certificate of Management Excellence. Matt has more than 25 years of leadership experience as a software executive and consultant. He’s also a US Marine, an Ironman triathlon finisher, and a student of Buddhist philosophy.

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