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Three ways gamification improves office productivity

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By Jillian Phipps

Nowadays when people think of video games, images of a zombie apocalypse or intense fight sequences comes to mind. But although mom and dad claim that these games are rotting our generation’s brains, when used as a tool in the workplace, video gaming can actually lead to a more productive team. Take that, Mom and Dad!

The experts call it Gamification- applying game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. When used in the workplace, Gamification incorporates game design elements to improve organizational productivity, employee recruitment, engagement, and even retention. Still convinced video games are nothing but trouble? Here are three reasons why gamification can actually do good by your company’s culture.

Gaming helps to improve employee performance.

Because gaming is a competitive enterprise, placing it into the work atmosphere will naturally introduce a certain level of competition to your employees. Instead of racking up zombie kills or winning a drag race down virtual city streets, employees can win trinkets for reaching certain goals, rewarding employees who outpace the curve through superior performance. This will allow your team to engage in the more mundane parts of their jobs through a reward system, keeping your office motivated on a daily basis. Be warned, once you’ve introduced gamification you’ll start to notice a team producing above and beyond their assignments, all for a few extra bonus points, and trophies.

The centralized reward system creates an objective workforce and reduces office politics.

Gamification creates a ruleset that no single manager or supervisor has control over. There is no way that an employee can gain favor for a lesser performance by sucking up to the boss, because the rewards come from the system, not the boss. When your employees know that objectivity rules the floor, they will be much more likely to focus on the job at hand rather than on how to “politic” their way to the top. Supervisors are also more respected, because the only way to get into a position of leadership through a centralized gamification reward system is to be a top performer with proven, quantifiable results.

Gamification helps attract top talent.

In order to keep up with your competitors, you need inroads to the newest, brightest talent. Tech savvy millennials are more likely to work at a company that is savvy, plus, who wouldn’t want to work for a company with its very own gaming system! The 1099 culture of today gives everyone the chance to freelance their way into a full time income; employees do not need a single job any more. On top of this, employee-reporting websites such as Glassdoor give employees an outlet to describe your company culture. A few great reviews highlighting your completely objective and forward thinking gamification program is a great way to attract top talent.

Sitting at your desk and typing all day just isn’t the norm anymore. Everyday companies are discovering new ways to get the most out of their people, mixing hard work with a dash of fun and excitement is a great way to attract, motivate and retain top talent. Mingling gamification with your team just might lead to the motivating, challenging, and rewarding atmosphere your company has been looking for.

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Jillian is a marketing coordinator at PI.

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