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6 Advantages of Using Personality Tests in the Hiring Process

Shrink the applicant pool and look to personality tests to choose the best fit for your organization.

While creating a job announcement, you struggle with a perplexing issue. Should you or shouldn’t you utilize personality tests during the hiring process. For years, you haven’t obligated job candidates to undergo personality tests. However, lately, you’ve experienced disappointment with new hires. If you can relate to this situation, consider the following important reasons to require job applicants to complete personality assessments.

Narrow the applicant pool.

Do you experience sweaty palms and a nervous stomach every time you select job applicants to interview for a vacant position? Choosing the right group of candidates to interview can be a difficult task. This is especially the case if the educational and work backgrounds of numerous applicants are frightfully similar. Requiring potential employees to undergo personality tests can help you drastically shrink the applicant pool. Based on the results, you can weed out applicants whose personalities might benefit your company.  


Enhance the interview process.

Studying personality assessments helps human resource managers develop interview questions to ask candidates. Potential employers can utilize results to ask applicants about strengths and weaknesses related to communication skills and social behavior. For instance, if an applicant for a sales position scored through the roof on motivation, you might wish to ask him or her how he or she effectively initiates and closes a sale.

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Lessen the weight of first impressions.

Do you feel you rely too much on first impressions? For instance, are you easily persuaded by a firm handshake, consistent eye contact, and a genuine smile? While important, first impressions of interviewees aren’t always accurate. An applicant who makes an amazing first impression at an interview might possess personality traits detrimental to job performance. By weighing the results of interviews alongside personality tests, you’ll increase your odds of selecting the perfect candidate for a position.  

Create productive teams.

Are productive teams vital to the success of your company? During the team building process, knowing the personality traits of employees is vital. When paired together, people possessing certain personality types can be disastrous. Therefore, building a team with the right mix of personality characteristics is crucial.

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Diminish employee turnover.

Does your company struggle with employee turnover? If new hires typically resign before receiving an engraved nameplate to display on their desks, you’re likely hiring the wrong applicants. Analyzing the results of personality assessments can help you select candidates who will fit into your company. They might even want to stay the course until retirement.

Improve company culture.

Analyzing personality assessments can help you ascertain prospective employees’:

  • Learning styles
  • Communication methods
  • Leadership approaches
  • Levels of introversion
  • Levels of extroversion
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By understanding employees’ behavioral characteristics, employers can both approach and motivate them more efficiently. Harmonious relationships amongst employees and employers improves company culture.

A new hire can positively or negatively affect the productivity and culture of a company. When youshrink hire the right candidate for a position, both your company’s bottom line and morale might soar. However, when the wrong applicant lands the job, apathy and lackluster performance often result. To improve your odds of hiring the most qualified candidates for vacant positions, consider the aforementioned benefits of utilizing personality tests during the interview phase. 

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