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James Clear is teaching OPTIMA22 attendees how to build great habits.

Bad habits are the bane of our existence as humans. Pass over the apple for the Almond Joy enough times, and it becomes commonplace. The same can be said for spending money on pricey lattes, or hitting snooze on the alarm clock one too many times. Even the sharpest minds struggle with the daily routine.

One person who seems to have it figured out, though? James Clear.

Who is James Clear?

Author of the chart-topping New York Times bestseller Atomic Habits, James Clear has penned scores of articles and think pieces on what makes us tick as people. What motivates us to develop a healthy habit? What actions lead to not-so-healthy ones? 

Clear has spent years researching, excavating, and unpacking small nuggets of wisdom on everyday life. From biology to architecture, his inspirations are ample—and he’s quick to admit he prefers to learn from the people around him. He’s also amassed a massive following in the process. His book has sold 5 million copies, and his “3-2-1” newsletter, which quotes everyone from Virginia Woolf and Jean-Luc Godard, reaches more than a million weekly readers.

Now, he’s bringing his wisdom to OPTIMA22—the leading talent optimization conference.

What is OPTIMA Conference?

Held each year in Boston, MA, OPTIMA explores the crossroads faced by business leaders and their people. We’re at a time of reinvention in the working world; the tech space has rapidly accelerated, and every industry is taking notes. Hybrid work is here to stay, and flexibility has become a requisite to retaining top talent.

It’s an exciting time to lead an organization or team—but it can also be nerve-racking. The Great Resignation has dominated headlines, as employees reassess why, when, and how they work. Without the infrastructure in place to cater to these evolving needs, leaders may feel at a loss when addressing their top performers.

OPTIMA22 aims to replace that anxiety with assurance. From April 12 to 14, business leaders, HR professionals, people managers, and consultants will meet to learn what the future of work holds. From designing successful teams, to hiring, developing, and retaining exceptional talent, OPTIMA promises to dig deep into all facets of the talent optimization experience.

James Clear is the latest speaker to join OPTIMA22—and his presence is already making waves.

What to expect from James Clear at OPTIMA22

When Clear takes the OPTIMA stage, he’ll do what he does best: Take bad habits and inspire you to make them great ones.

Every person in every organization, regardless of industry, position, or tenure, has habits they’d rather not cop to. Some individuals might have a tendency to talk over others. Others may wince at the idea of change, to the detriment of their work or team. Self-improvement starts with self-awareness—and yet, self-awareness is difficult

With Clear’s bite-sized, actionable approach to habit-building, that awareness becomes much more manageable. Come to Clear’s keynote with a passion for people and a hunger to learn, and leave more prepared than ever to tackle whatever work holds in 2022 and beyond.

Clear said it best in a little nugget of his own. It’s a tweet he posted back in 2017, then later recirculated as part of his 3-2-1 newsletter:

His words don’t need much interpretation—they resonate loud and clear. But that tweet perfectly sums up what the bestselling author is all about, and gives a taste of the tone he’ll set when he grabs the mic at OPTIMA22.

Talent optimization is a constant journey. The work is never done, and there’s always room to improve. Yes, “optimization” implies an end goal, but that’s a goal you strive toward, one step at a time. The important thing, to take a page from Clear, is to create the habit—thinking critically about your talent—and go from there. The rest will fall into place.

OPTIMA22 runs April 12–14, 2022 at the Sheraton in Downtown Boston. Get your tickets now by heading to optimaconference.com.


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