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Five ways to build a highly engaged company culture

These methods will create a positive workplace culture that employees will be eager to engage in

When you talk about company culture, what comes to mind? You might imagine smiling employees briskly walking through the office while engaging in conversation and brainstorming project ideas. There is mutual respect and friendliness with all employees, as the invigorating work environment inspires employees to make work decisions that are for the overall good of the company. Every task they perform is productive in nature, as employees are motivated to seek out the highest levels of success.

This scenario speaks of a highly engaged company culture. Yet it might not currently reflect the atmosphere that is in your office. You shouldn’t be surprised. A Gallup Poll showed that only 31.5% of employees in the United States were engaged with their work during the year 2014. Increasing higher employee engagement numbers is an important goal for any company to pursue to create a healthy and self-sustaining business system. Here are several strategic methods you can actively employ to create a positive workplace culture that employees will be eager to engage in.


“Great business leaders encourage, listen, and act on the feedback…”


Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

Setting engagement goals allows your employees to understand what is expected of them and also allows them to create plans of action so they can reach every milestone. When deciding on the right goals, see how your objectives align to the employee’s everyday activities and what can be done to further enhance their motivation.

While reviewing and honing engagement goals after a certain time frame can help the employee stay productive, refrain from changing these goals too often. Employees can become discouraged that they can never attain their goals and will eventually stop trying.

Stimulate Open Communication

Employees who are constantly stifled when voicing their opinions or ideas will quickly disengage from their work. Collaboration and honest communication not only helps business leaders better convey their goals, visions, and expectations of the company, it also encourages employees to share their ideas on how to successfully complete projects. They will also be encouraged to give feedback to make a better workplace environment.

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communication-1.jpgGather Feedback that Can Be Holding Back Employee Engagement

There may be serious issues in the working environment or management structure that could be preventing the highly engaged company culture that you desire. You need to have an employee viewpoint to discover these issues, as surveys and meetings can help weed out the problems and discover what needs to be done to rectify the issue. Go beyond just asking the questions to clear the air. Great business leaders encourage, listen, and act on the feedback in a timely manner to bring about the right changes.

Upper Management Must Set the Company Cultural Tone

Engaged business leaders can be just the right push to stimulate a highly engaged company culture. When employees see how focused and productive you are, it creates a positive environment that they will try to emulate. You can build committed employees and strong project teams based on your own behavior and interactions. If you become disengaged from the company, so will the employees.

working_together-1.jpgShow Your Appreciation for Their Productivity and Commitment

It might sound like a feel-good move, but an employee that feels appreciated will want to experience that feeling again. An employee loves to be positively recognized by upper management and business leaders for their time and effort spent doing their tasks. Showing your appreciation, whether it is a monetary gift or a simple note, can give a boost to the morale and keep employees fully engaged in their job positions.

Creating a highly engaged company culture is attainable. Learn how HR professionals think their companies are doing with finding, managing, and keeping their employees as engaged and productive as possible.

Greg is the SVP of science at PI.

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