Change management toolkit

One of the greatest challenges any executive team faces is change management. Thankfully, you’re there to assist. In this change management toolkit, you’ll find everything you need to guide your clients through a change initiative and achieve their strategic goals.

What’s inside?


Use this checklist—together with our e-book on assessing business strategy—to pick a change management strategy that’s right for your clients.


Business strategy doesn’t run itself; it runs through people. Learn how talent strategy consulting can help clients achieve their business goals. 

Recommended reading:

Here are some resources on the roles and responsibilities needed to lead a change initiative.
Having trouble getting stakeholders on board with your change management approach? Our guide on stakeholder engagement can help.
Learn how one company maintained its culture during a time of significant change.

Helping your clients through change? Learn how you can partner with PI to keep the leaders and employees aligned through it.

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