Introduction to Design

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Design is part one of the four-part talent optimization discipline. This is where you’ll create and continuously evolve your people strategy. 

Why design is important to talent optimization

Many companies cobble together employees without considering team dynamics, and they appoint leaders who might be excellent individual contributors but who lack the self-awareness and/or motivation needed to effectively inspire employees. When teams and leaders are designed ad hoc like this, results suffer. But when the design of the organization, its leadership, its culture, and its team dynamics are approached intentionally and strategically—supported by people data—companies have a much better chance of achieving their desired business objectives. 

The design aptitude is composed of five activities:
  1. Recognize each team member’s strengths
  2. Understand team dynamics
  3. View the team’s strategic intent through a talent lens
  4. Compare team capabilities and the work to be done
  5. Establish your culture
Design in Action - UGTO
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