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Making time for leadership

I consider myself fortunate to live on Cape Cod. It’s a lovely beach resort destination in Southeastern Massachusetts. No matter where you are, you’re not far from the water. While driving around to tick off my to-do list, I’ve been known to veer slightly out of my way just to drive past the ocean.

Sometimes the waves are quiet and sometimes they crash about, but they’re never still. The ocean has an endless ebb and flow.

Sounds a lot like the pace of work to me.

There’s a natural rhythm to work. From our five-year plans to our jam-packed workdays and everything in between, time seems to be a driving force behind our enterprising nature.

How to capitalize on leadership moments

This is why our calendars and clocks make for great leadership companions. When used properly, they can remind us to perform a variety of tasks that can boost our productivity, engagement, and sense of balance. Just as importantly, they give us abundant opportunities to help those around us do the same.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Yearly. Create or update your personal mission statement.
  • Quarter​​ly. Review the alignment between your work and your personal values.
  • Monthly. Set or refresh 30-day goals.
  • Weekly. Review last week’s accomplishments.
  • Daily. Execute your “best self” morning routine.

I’ve included these and other time-based suggestions in a handy planner worksheet below.

Download the worksheet and complete the exercise to set yourself up for success.

There’s no better time than right now!


Matt Poepsel, PhD is the author of Expand the Circle: Enlightened Leadership for Our New World of Work and host of the Lead the People podcast. He serves as Vice President & Godfather of Talent Optimization at The Predictive Index. He holds a PhD in Psychology, an MBA, and a Harvard Business School Certificate of Management Excellence. Matt has more than 25 years of leadership experience as a software executive and consultant. He’s also a US Marine, an Ironman triathlon finisher, and a student of Buddhist philosophy.

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