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“I’m grateful for _____ at work.”

True fact #1: Writing down the things we’re grateful for leads to increased happiness.

True fact #2: Companies with happier employees tend to be more productive.

With those things in mind, I set out to find out what employees here at The Predictive Index are grateful for. A win-win: It gives people a chance to reflect on the specific things that they appreciate, and it gives the rest of us a more vivid sense of the things we can do to cultivate a place people are happy to come to day in and day out.

What employees at The Predictive Index are grateful for at work

Here’s a list of the things employees at The Predictive Index are grateful for. The responses are touching. I’d encourage you to ask the question of your colleagues as well.

Lindsey Vincent
Graphic designer

“I am grateful for my manager because he is constantly checking in on how I am doing, how my workload is, what he can do to help, etc., which makes me happy and makes me work better!”
Nancy Dabu
Account executive
I’m grateful that we invest so much time and resources into science and research, and into our people. I feel so confident advocating for PI knowing the science is solid and we’re the proof.”
Cathy McGrath
Senior coordinator, training
I’ve always thought that what makes the job worthwhile are the people you work with. I am thankful for the people I work with: on the team, across departments, in the network. They are interesting, fun people who deliver excellent results and inspire me to do my best.”
Sarah Bergeron
Director, customer success
“Approachable managers who care about your well being in and outside of work. The more transparency, the better the working environment and relationship.”

Ethan Bain
Sr. customer success manager

“I am grateful that whenever I ask co-workers for help with anything client related, they are willing to drop what they are doing and help. It makes it feel like servicing our clients is a company-wide effort and truly helps with customer satisfaction and retention.”
Erin Balsa
Content marketing manager
“I’m grateful to work for a company that prioritizes learning and self-improvement. I’m never at a loss for the next leadership book to read, the next business podcast to listen to, or the next industry event to attend!”
Liz Palmieri
Customer success manager
“I am grateful for a role that challenges me to stretch and grow.  It has been a long time since I have worked close to my capability and my engagement is soaring as a result.  I’m equally as grateful for supportive and encouraging colleagues. I’ve been in challenging roles and competitive environments before that were ‘dog eat dog.’  That is miserable in the long term. Here, in addition to being stimulated, my colleagues go out of their way to show me that they have my back and want me to be successful.  I refer to this combination as my professional version of Disneyland.”
Steve Messina
Art director
“I’m grateful for the ability to change my environment. I have never felt ‘trapped’ here because of the dynamic nature of the place. That may not work for some people, but it works well for me. Changes and constant drive for improvement don’t happen everywhere.”
Adam Patterson
Account executive
“I am grateful for the can-do attitude of everyone I work alongside.  No matter the mountains that my coworkers face, each and every one of them is determined to overcome it.  I’ve not heard ‘I can’t’ in my time here, only a willingness to figure out how. And that inspiration makes coming to work each and every day a treat.”
Daniel Muzquiz
“Having co-workers that have fun doing awesome work.  This is a double endorphin dose in that you know you’re building something you can be proud of and at the end, you feel like it was more playing a game with friends than work.”
Alex Fajardo
Account executive
 “I am so grateful that we can send behavioral assessments to prospective clients and know who we are selling to before we get on the phone! It’s great putting our own services we sell into action as we are actually selling it.”
Alex Viale
Product manager
“I’m grateful that leadership at PI allows me to take chances, and failure is okay as long as we’re doing it quickly and learning from it.”
Austin Fossey
Director of assessment research
“I am grateful for the diversity of experience and skill sets on my team. It helps us to be more creative and adaptable as a team, and it means I always have a wonderful group of smart people who can help me fine tune and critique my own work.”

Rabih Shanshiry
VP of partner success

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be challenged every day and actually look forward to coming into work.”
Lyon Von Voorhis
Product operations manager
“I’m thankful that I work somewhere where I trust my teammates to do what they need to do and where they  trust me to take care of my responsibilities as well.”
Dottie LaMark
Director of learning
“I’m grateful that my co-workers share pictures of their kids with me and that I can feel connected to them and their families. Each picture gives me a smile!”
Patrick Calvoni
Partner success manager
“I’m pretty new here, just under one month. I am grateful for the opportunity to work for a fantastic company alongside an amazing team. On top of that, the products/services we offer improve the lives of the people that use them.”
Stefan Valentin
Lead software engineer
“I’m grateful to work somewhere where opportunity is just waiting for you to take it. Have a good idea? Okay, go try it. I’m grateful for this because it really promotes agency. You succeed by your own merits and if you fail it’s because you didn’t try hard enough. Not because someone said ‘No, you can’t do that.’”
Rooney Russell
Account executive
“I am grateful for my sales colleagues because they make me laugh even on the darkest days.  And we all know that laughter is sunshine.”
Mike Saia
Customer success manager
“I’m grateful for the open and honest feedback provided by my leadership so I can continue to challenge myself and learn from my mistakes.”
Russell Thomas
Partner recruiter
“I’m grateful we have an environment that encourages new ideas, no matter where or from whom they come from.”
Maya Rittmanic
Account executive
“I’m grateful that I can be exactly who I am at work—it’s encouraged and embraced.”
Laura Morrison
Product manager
“I’m grateful for a career that continues to challenge me; I’m challenged daily by the pace and ambition of the organization, the caliber of the people, and the work itself. Having been in a stagnant career prior to this role makes this even more rewarding.”
Thad Peterson
Sr. director, marketing
“I’m grateful that three great people in our company started a tradition of a monthly Show & Tell and have taken ownership over making it part of our culture. It gives people a chance to share things I might never otherwise see. It’s a get-together I look forward to every time it happens, and I’m happy every time I walk away from it.”
Wilfred Hirst
Senior manager, demand gen
I’m thankful for the ability to discuss and debate intellectual topics with any and all co-workers. This is rare in the corporate world and we should all be thankful to work with such intelligent people.”

Patrick Rivers
Customer support team lead
I’m grateful to come to work every day at a place that not only values me and my contributions but also where I have an opportunity make an impact and effect change. I spent nearly a decade at a large, Fortune 50 telecommunications company, and while that has its rewards, in no way did I feel like I made any sort of lasting impact.”

Rich Weiss
Product marketing director

I’m grateful for working on a team that pushes each other and challenges each other but also has each other’s back when it really matters.”

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How to cultivate gratitude in the workplace

This short exercise allowed us to quiz PI employees about what it is they’re grateful for at work.

Why not try the same at your organization to see what team members enjoy most about working there? Who knows—the answers may lead to opportunities to improve employee satisfaction even further.


Thad is a senior marketing director at PI.

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