Pathfinding Teams are “relentless.” While conflict is frequent, it’s also valued, as people challenge each other to think differently. Team members don’t always coordinate before acting, which can lead to poor cooperation.

  • Fast-paced
  • Goal-oriented
  • Competitive

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Characteristics of a Pathfinding Team

Natural Strengths

  • Innovative and agile
  • Highly driven and proactive
  • Works quickly to get the job done

Caution Areas

  • Possible tension between innovative and process-driven individuals.
  • Miscommunication can occur as people work as fast as possible.
  • May struggle to balance product creation and product improvement.

11% of teams are Pathfinding Teams

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How Pathfinding Teams take action

Self-aware teams understand their strongest tendencies and blind spots, and they take action accordingly. Pathfinding Teams can take advantage of their strengths while addressing shortcomings, by:

Carving out time to connect. Your team moves fast, so it can be hard to keep co-workers in the loop. But it’s important to make sure the left hand knows what the right is doing. Make time to regularly go through customer or market updates as a team. Where does a customer need an upsell, as opposed to something brand new? Where can the two be combined?

Focusing innovation efforts. Being a market leader means being the best at what you do; it also means continually raising the bar. This can be a tricky dichotomy. Know what your clients need most, and focus your innovation there. Delight customers by adding new features to current products alongside new products that take you to the next level.

Improving cooperation. If your team’s ambitious nature requires team members to produce competing deliverables, you might have trouble cooperating and sharing resources. Teammates should adopt a “winning together” mentality and proactively look for opportunities to help each other and coordinate efforts.