Bolstering Teams are supportive of each other’s ideas, and like to brainstorm together in the name of innovation. They always cheer each other on, communicate informally, and enjoy robust discussions.

  • Social
  • Fun
  • Energetic

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Characteristics of a Bolstering Team

Natural Strengths

  • Focused on employee engagement
  • Resolves conflict comfortably
  • Shares knowledge as a group

Caution Areas

  • Getting everyone on board may slow the team down.
  • May struggle to balance all stakeholder needs.
  • Tends to de-prioritize process and efficiency.

5% of teams are Bolstering Teams

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How Bolstering Teams take action

Self-aware teams understand their strongest tendencies and blind spots, and they take action accordingly. Bolstering Teams can take advantage of their strengths while addressing shortcomings, by:

Simplifying internal communications. Your team may complicate things by maintaining multiple, disparate communication channels at once. Designate one place as the source of truth for internal “need to know” items, and another for market and innovation updates. This way, your team members will know where to look for the most important takeaways.

Explaining the “why” behind big changes. Your team’s innovative qualities means it thrives on change—but sometimes at the cost of adequate explanation. Make sure you’re clearly communicating what is changing, as well as why the changes are taking place now. Your more methodical team members will appreciate the context you’re providing for the changes being made.

Improving documentation. Your team excels at brainstorming and collaborating organically, but that can sometimes come at the cost of documentation. Without record of something being done, you may have team members duplicating efforts. Make a point to hold each other accountable for tracking different initiatives. Then be sure to update each other on the progress of those initiatives when you meet as a group.